About Us

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Technology changes fast, and in order to keep up with today’s fast-changing world, with your competition, and with your customers, you need to invest in resources in order to stay relevant in your marketplace.

At Digital Wave Solutions we believe that you can stay afloat in the digital ocean and surf the digital waves of the global marketplace by using stable and proven technology.  You reduce your business costs through software solutions that incorporate:

  • easy buttons and turn key mechanisms – click, set, and forget, and let the software do the rest
  • automated tasks – executive reports generated by the system, dashboards, email notifications
  • technology solutions that:
    • don’t break under pressure (high number of users, power outages, hard drive crashes)
    • automatic system recovery after a forced shutdown (power is back, new hardware is installed, etc)
  • fun – a system that is fun to use makes your day happier